ZEN CLEANER AIR SCHEME – supported by Hammersmith & Fulham

The ZEN Cleaner Air project seeks to establish an electric van share for use by businesses located in the H&F area of Park Royal industrial estate to reduce freight impacts and tackle air pollution. Their target is to get to net zero by 2030.

The plan is to engage with small/medium businesses to reduce, consolidate and share vehicles. The e-van share would be free and would include road tax and fuel for one year. Cargo bikes, a consolidated waste scheme, and installing new spaces for parking and storing bikes securely is also being considered. Following extensive engagement with local businesses, there is now sufficient interest from over twenty businesses for two e van shares to be implemented in the new year.

Park Royal is London’s largest and most successful Strategic Industrial Location, supporting around 1,700 businesses that employ some 43,100 people and generate £2.1bn GVA annually. The Mayor of London recognises that Park Royal “performs a vital role in supplying London and supporting the London economy”.

Air quality in Park Royal currently exceeds legal NO2 limits, and particularly negatively impacts sensitive receptors located in the estate, such as Central Middlesex Hospital and the Kindervine Day Nursey. Whilst the ULEZ will be expanded to cover Park Royal in October 2021, only 42% of Park Royal’s fleet is expected to be compliant with ULEZ emissions standards by then.

Given the large proportion of vans in Park Royal associated with over 1,700 businesses located in the estate, and the lack of second-hand ULEZ compliant vans on the UK market (only van models from 2016 comply with ULEZ standards), many businesses may struggle to meet the new emissions standards in time. Introducing an e-van share for use in Park Royal will help businesses prepare for the introduction of the ULEZ expansion next year and is a key step to tackling air pollution and transitioning Park Royal to zero emissions.

In addition, Park Royal streets suffer from prolific unregulated parking, affecting businesses’ ability to load and unload, and blocking footpaths that result in a poor public realm for pedestrians and cyclists. The e-van share will support the ZEN Cleaner Air project by incentivising businesses to move away from van ownership, reducing freight trips and freeing up space on Park Royal streets for people.

If your business is located within H&F borough, please get in touch with sarah.spateri@westlondon.com for more information.