WPA use AI to launch new type of company health service

In April this year, WPA launched a completely new type of company health service with the aim of making health cover simple, transparent in usage and flexible enough to change to meet expectations and budgets.   That disruptive InsurTech service is called Precision Corporate Healthcare. For many years, WPA has looked after the healthcare needs of the staff of many major corporate groups.

With the help of machine learning and AI technologies, for the first time in the market, WPA has now made these tailored services available to the SME market.  There are over 29,000 options within Precision Corporate Healthcare, which means there is a level of cover to suit any and all budgets.

Graham Roberts, Healthcare Partner at Sequent Healthcare Ltd an Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc said:

“WPA can now offer clients the ability, with my help and guidance, to analyse in detail where their insurance premiums are being spent on claims.  Of course, once finance directors and HR directors understand how their plan’s services are being consumed, they can make informed, objective decisions on how to adjust the plan benefits to maximise the value to the employees and minimise the costs to the company.

“If you would like to explore how Precision Corporate Healthcare could change the way you think about and implement health insurance in your company, call me for a free consultation.”

Find out more by calling: 07535 800 939 / 01753 201 350 or emailing: graham.roberts@hcp-plc.org.uk
Web: www.sequent-healthcare.co.uk