Workscan Helps City Harvest Rescue Christmas

Innovative industrial placement portal, Workscan, is excited to announce a new partnership with City Harvest that will see them utilise their distribution network to provide 1,230 meals to those most in need this Christmas. This new partnership comes alongside Workscan, supporting the charity’s upcoming “Rescue Someone’s Christmas” campaign.

With the festive season just around the corner and Christmas most famously being a time for giving, ground-breaking industrial placement portal Workscan is looking to give back to the local community by providing 1,230 meals to the homeless and most vulnerable this December.

In order to do this, Workscan has partnered with the leading food redistribution charity City Harvest. Based in Acton, City Harvest provides surplus food through a sustainable distribution network that operates with over 350 charities, food banks, schools and community groups across the capital.

The donation will include 450 chicken curry and rice meals, 360 cottage pies, 240 macaroni and cheese and 180 vegetable lasagnas. Each meal will be sent out to those individuals most in need this Christmas. This new partnership comes in addition to Workscan supporting City Harvest’s “Rescue Someone’s Christmas” campaign, with further details announced shortly.

This new initiative is just part of Workscan’s commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow. Launching early 2022, the pioneering portal has been designed to help students secure relevant job placement opportunities through a dedicated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The innovative portal will verify each employer while also allowing educational bodies and employers to create courses and assign them to students directly within the portal. Workscan will also enable these users to host online and offline webinars and events, as well as act as a communication hub.

Speaking on the partnership, Workscan CEO and Founder Ioannis Antypas added “The last few years have been incredibly challenging for all of us, but none more so than for those individuals who are most in need. That is why we want to give back to our local community this Christmas, and we are honoured to be working with such a respected charity as City Harvest.”

Dan McAlpine, Head of Food at City Harvest, said, “City Harvest and Workscan have developed a fantastic partnership that will allow hundreds of Londoners access to hearty warm food this Christmas period. The generosity of Workscan’s 1,230 meal donation, coupled with City Harvest’s rapid response outreach to 350+ charities, is how ‘City Harvest Rescues Christmas’ for so many people facing food poverty after an extremely hard year.”

For more information on Workscan, click here. Further information on the work City Harvest undertakes can be found here.