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WLB member Timeless IMS takes a look at the realities of remote working during the Coronavirus pandemic and how working from home is a new way of life…

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home is a new way of life for many of us. We need to be mindful of the unique challenges we face as we go about our working day. As we all adapt to ‘remote working’, with most business professionals now working from home, this may leave you feeling isolated. While video conferencing has become the standard way of holding meetings, some may miss the stimulation of face to face interactions with colleagues.

Some of you will struggle with sticking to a routine. Many will not be taking any breaks or taking far too many. Space may be an issue; you may be used to a desk with dual screens, but now have to work with a laptop on the couch. There may be distractions with television, social media, housework or family members wanting your undivided attention. If you manage to overcome all of these and can focus on your work, you might find your home Internet connection is not up to scratch. You could be breaching the security policies the office network provides for you. For our clients, we have made sure the company security policies have been migrated over to the remote workers. We have ensured that these policies remain in place with our Timeless IMS Total Security Passport managed service solution.

We are all human beings, and now even our social activities are facing restrictions. If we struggle to adapt to any of the above, we should remember to talk to someone — a simple interaction with another person during this difficult time can help us all. My telephone calls with clients and suppliers have been based on “How are you doing? I’m just calling up for a chat”. We talk about the news headlines’, we talk about business, but we also talk about the social challenges and examples of strength within our local communities. As an example, some local companies have unselfishly and collectively donated money or much-needed PPE products to local care homes. Some have purchased over 4000 plastic tubs for local food banks to deliver food to the vulnerable and elderly.

Yes, it is about business, but above that, it is about relationships with our customers and our suppliers. Isn’t that what we should all be doing: looking out for each other?

When we overcome these difficult times, the strength of our business relationships will shine through.

Get in touch with me now via the links below and I’ll happily provide you free advice on ways to help your organisation with its remote working, Cyber Security or if you just feel like talking to a fellow business owner during this troubled time.

Michael Ramlakhan, Founder & MD of Timeless IMS.

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