Is your workforce ready for the digital future? Here’s a blueprint from PwC



Change isn’t coming—it’s already here.

It’s impossible today to innovate with 20th century skills. It’s also impossible to reskill your workforce without the right tools.

The good news is that most people not only know they need to reskill, but in fact they want to reskill, according to several employee surveys. And with proper reskilling, workers whose jobs are disrupted by technology can find meaningful work. So what if you could offer your workforce a personal blueprint on just how to do it? 

PwC’s Digital Workforce Transformation helps deliver that personal blueprint—enabling people to think, work and contribute in new ways to increase productivity and accelerate innovation. Employees become part of making what’s next, from within the organization.

It starts with the Digital Fitness Assessment, fueled by an engine based on leading academic research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center, experts in organizational behavioral and cultural change…




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