WestTrans Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Transport is facing unique challenges, but WestTrans remains committed to supporting their boroughs and stakeholders to improve air quality, achieve modal shift and increase connectivity for Londoners.

Please find below the WestTrans Autumn newsletter:

NHS Cycling Events

As universities and colleges closed their doors in March, our usual programme of cycling events couldn’t run. But with a flexible delivery model, and led by Max, our tireless cycling champion, we shifted the programme to the NHS instead. The NHS employs over 214,000 people in London and its staff need to get to work safely, especially while public transport capacity is limited. So we’re running free events at hospitals and health sites across West London, offering bike repairs, maintenance, cycling resources, giveaways and more.

Events so far at Hillingdon Hospital (pictured above) and St Bernard’s have been highly successful. Bike repairs are especially popular, and we’ll be running several smaller maintenance-focused events in the coming months. There will also be full events throughout September. Meanwhile, we’re running staff surveys to explore barriers to cycling, and working with the sites to help them support more staff to cycle to work.

Travel Plan Monitoring

Our Travel Plan Monitoring programme took a pause this spring as lockdown reduced the need for many of us to travel at all. Since then we have switched priorities, and we’re now supporting organisations to return their staff to work as safely as possible.

This means site audits to increase the number of cycle parking spaces, identifying safer walking and cycling routes to promote social distancing, and other measures. Where public transport must be used, we are helping staff to plan the quietest routes with the fewest interchanges, and updating parking management plans for those who absolutely have to drive.

We have also offered our online survey tools to help businesses identify the travel needs of their staff and work with them to manage their changing needs to keep us all safe.

We are confident that Travel Plans will have a role to play in the future and welcome the exchange of knowledge and ideas, so please contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss.

Construction Logistics Plans

Outer London town centres such as Ealing, Hounslow and Wembley are experiencing increased construction activity as the intensification of housing developments, to meet the Capital’s needs, continues.

Alongside major infrastructure schemes and regeneration projects, construction traffic is now a cause for concern in outer London, especially where several sites in close proximity are in operation at the same time.

We have created a Construction Map of West London, plotting where the next large developments will be located and how many individual sites might be in operation at the same time in the same area.

We are now looking to trial a Construction Logistic Programme, creating CLP Zones where intensive construction activity is expected. All sites within a CLP Zone will be expected to submit an agreed Construction Logistics Plan and liaise with neighbouring developments to minimise their road traffic activity.

Station Access
We have almost completed our list of priority stations in West London for step-free access. Site visits will be made soon to establish engineering feasibility, to help finalise the list. In parallel, we are developing a best-practice step-free Tube map to share with TfL’s design team, enabling easier step-free journeys on the network.

Powered Two-Wheelers
Powered two-wheelers (P2W) are over-represented in numbers killed and seriously injured on London’s roads and are reaching parity with pedestrians in some boroughs. With Vision Zero a priority for the Mayor, we are working on motorcycle safety and exploring data to help us share key safety messages.

Docked and Dockless Cycle Network
We’ve completed our project exploring how to expand the successful docked bike scheme in Uxbridge. The report offers several options for bike-share schemes across West London, combining docked, dockless and hybrid operations. We are now working with the boroughs to take the work forward, ensuring future schemes are aligned and evidence-based.