West London energy supply constraints for new developments – WLB CEO comment

Further to articles in The Economist (2 June), Financial Times (28 July) and The Telegraph (28 July) on the energy supply constraints facing new developments in some West London boroughs, Andrew Dakers, CEO, West London Business, says:

“It is clearly unacceptable that infrastructure investment is not keeping pace with demand.  West London is the UK’s global gateway and a key driver of the nation’s economy. 

“Public and private sector partners in West London have been working on the issue of energy supply infrastructure since Summer 2021.  It has been a priority issue for the West London Corporate Leaders Action Group since its inception last year.

“A Local Area Energy Plan for the sub-region is now being commissioned – the first sub-regional energy plan in the capital.  By the end of 2022 this will give a much better understanding of the immediate and future gaps between demand and grid capacity.  Once local needs are clarified we then expect National Grid ESO, UKPN and SSEN to urgently pick up the pace on investment. 

“As the Energy Networks Association has suggested, Ofgem must ensure we move from a reactive regulatory regime to one that gets ahead of anticipated growth.  Local planning authorities should not be having to choose between granting consent to data centres or housing for those most in need.”

We will issue further updates in the coming days and weeks.   For additional comment please e-mail andrew.dakers@westlondon.com and WLB@gecpr.co.uk