West London, did you know you’re part of Faster Britain?

While the country continues to reopen following the prolonged period of lockdown, it’s clear that businesses must be able to react quickly to changing conditions in order to navigate this fluctuating ‘new normal’.

The recent local lockdowns are painful reminders that we must learn to live with COVID-19 for now. As we continue to pivot on a week-by-week, sometimes day-by-day basis, the need for reliable gigabit capable connectivity has never been more important.

Following the prime minister’s summer speech, coined ‘Project Speed’, when he asked the country to ‘build, build, build’ infrastructure; the race to 100% full fibre or gigabit connectivity has gathered deeper meaning.

Delivering a gigabit infrastructure across the entire UK is now a crucial part of ensuring not only the country’s economic success in the mid-term post-Brexit, but also our economic recovery post-COVID in the short term.

This has put a new lens on the importance of fast, reliable connectivity, and WLB Member ITS Technology is playing a key role in this vision by building their full fibre ‘Faster Britain’ network across the UK.

Did you know, Hammersmith and Fulham and Park Royal are part of our Faster Britain network?

Whether it’s connecting to servers, accessing cloud-based apps or running IP-based services, superior connectivity is a common denominator amongst the most successful businesses, no matter their size. And it’s on your doorstep now.

With ITS’ partners, we’re helping businesses transform on a daily basis. From dedicated leased lines, to very low contended full fibre business broadband, to solutions providing resilience and redundancy.

To find out more, visit www.fasterbritain.com/hammersmith-and-fulham or contact Mike Savery at mike.savery@itstechnologygroup.com.