West London Creative Producers – Peer Mentoring Programme

West London Creative Producers is a FREE peer mentoring programme for creative producers in Hounslow and neighbouring boroughs. Through a series of facilitated sessions with a small group of fellow creatives, you will build lasting relationships with people who also face the challenge of developing their businesses through uncertain times. Together, you’ll enhance your communication skills, apply your own experience to help others, and devise strategies for dealing with obstacles in your way.

How does it work?

The group will meet fortnightly on Friday afternoons (3–5 pm), starting 29 January 2021. Sessions will initially be on Zoom, with the option to meet at the Watermans’ Arts Centre when regulations allow.

As a group, you will learn to support one another by listening to the issues each of us faces as we grow our businesses, co-developing relationships, and building trust to help us make good decisions and solve problems together.

The first six sessions will be facilitated by Carl Schoenfeld, an award-winning TV and film producer and BAFTA voting member who builds learning communities at the Universities of Oxford, University of the Arts Berlin as well as West London, including the Westmont Enterprise Hub and the British Film Institute, whilst launching his own incubator start-up with the support of Oxford University Innovation.

Each member will have a chance to chair a meeting, and you will also be introduced to professional support from accountants, lawyers, and coaches.

Who’s it for?

West London Creative Producers is for innovators, makers and businesses in the creative sector with a potential for growth or for creating employment. You will either be based in the borough of Hounslow; or based in a neighbouring borough and have a business connection with Hounslow.

You might be a freelancer with a project in development, or an established business looking to grow; you might be in the screen, digital, design, visual arts, or fashion industry. Whatever your creative talents—the more diverse our range of practices and backgrounds, the stronger the group will be.

How to apply?

The programme is free for participants. To apply, please fill in a short application form here. If you have any questions, contact Carl Schoenfeld on carl@schoenfeld.co.uk or connect on LinkedIn here.