West 12 – have your say on its future

Landsec, owners of West 12 are considering redevelopment of the non-residential parts of the site. Please help them understand what is working well in West 12 and what should and could be improved. You might live here, work here or come to shop or socialise. Whatever your connection, they want your opinion.


The Shepherd’s Bush area has changed beyond recognition since West 12 Shopping Centre first opened its doors in the 1970s. It’s seen the opening of Westfield; the BBC Television Centre becoming a residential area; the arrival of Imperial College’s campus and the new business district, White City Place.

In contrast with these developments in the surrounding area, West 12 has remained largely unchanged. Landsec, owners of the site since 2005, believe that it could be significantly improved for the benefit of all those who live or work locally. They are now exploring options for the future of the site.

They are at a very early stage in thinking and planning for the future of West 12. They intend to consult with local people as their plans evolve.

At this early stage please tell them what you think currently works, what doesn’t and how you might like to see the site change.

To ensure you are informed and can take part in future consultations, please stay tuned for updates by signing up for News on the project website.

What does Landsec want to know?

Landsec wants to understand your views about the future of the West 12 site ahead of possible redevelopment. Shepherd Court and Bush Court, together with the deck on which they sit will remain untouched (with no impact on tenancies and leases). This initial phase of the consultation will be open until late September 2018 and regular news updates will be posted on the project website.

They are especially interested in your views on:

  • What you like about the West 12 site now
  • What you dislike about the site
  • And how you would like to see it improved

For example, you can share your thoughts on:

  • The range of shops and services
  • Jobs and business
  • Housing
  • Entertainment and places to socialise
  • Safety and security
  • Education and community
  • The environment
  • Transport

What will my comments be used for?

All comments are made anonymously. The responses from this consultation will help Landsec to understand the thoughts of the local community on how to improve West 12.


Have your say at: https://west12site.commonplace.is/