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An innovative web-based platform designed to support businesses and charitable organisations to easily understand and track their water consumption as well as benchmark water usage performance.



On May 1st 2018, First Business Water is officially launching its innovative online platform, WaterDeck. Designed to support businesses to easily monitor and clearly understand how much water is being used across their site(s) in a simple and visual way.

The development of WaterDeck is driven from our desire to encourage and empower businesses to use water more efficiently.  The platform has built in analytics and allows benchmarking of water consumption against other sites within the group and / or peer industry FBW customers – an invaluable aid in identifying and targeting potential inefficient site(s).


 “We have designed a platform that simply and transparently shows the water usage and costs for all our customers site(s). WaterDeck will help businesses understand, measure and compare the effectiveness of their water efficiency performance” said Nish Dattani, Managing Director of First Business Water.


WaterDeck has been developed in partnership with the team at Fabriq and the platform has the ability to track consumption for all sites at a glance, compare usage with previous periods, and benchmark against a portfolio of group sites and the best and typical practices of peer First Business Water customers.

Together with a user-friendly interface and modern yet simple outlook, customers can access their data from mobile and any web-connected device to quickly see key information such as costs, performance, and usage data presented in simple charts and diagrams.

In addition, customers can simply submit meter readings via the mobile app with a built-in camera to snap or upload images of the meter.


“Fabriq’s partnership with First Business Water highlights the two companies’ shared goal of enabling organisations to minimise buildings’ environmental footprints and optimise the use of natural resources. We look forward to continue working with First Business Water and playing a part in helping buildings across the UK operate in more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways.” said Benjamin Kott, Founder and CEO of Fabriq.


WaterDeck is a privileged service for First Business Water Customers. No hassle for setting up and filling in information, all your business sites will be assigned to the WaterDeck platform by the First Business Water team.

For further information please contact us, call 0800 849 1342 or email marketing@firstbusinesswater.co.uk

Download WaterDeck E-brochure here



About First Business Water

First Business Water is a licensed water supplier, providing water and wastewater services to Businesses in England. With our commitment to offering exceptional levels of customer service, we offer a focused and proactive approach in managing our customers water usage and costs.

With sustainability at the core of our company values, we firmly believe that our everyday habits can positively impact the world around us. We not only want to supply water, but also empower communities to use water efficiently.

FIRST BUSINESS WATER LIMITED Pinn House, 2 High Street, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 5PW. Email: contactus@firstbusinesswater.co.uk. Website: www.firstbusinesswater.co.uk.



About Fabriq

Fabriq specialises in digital and data-driven solutions that enable new approaches to whole-building optimisation. Fabriq OS provides solutions for the pro-active monitoring of the amount of resources a building consumes, how a building’s facilities perform, as well as the environmental conditions within a building’s spaces. In collaboration with its partners and customers, Fabriq is committed to uncovering opportunities to operate buildings in more environmentally-friendly, efficient, and smarter ways that will translate into cost savings, higher productivity, and a healthier planet. Find out more on our services here.