Water companies are asking customers to use water wisely to avoid water shortage during this time of high demand

Due to the scorching weather and high demand for water, some areas are experiencing an increase in demand, low water pressure or loss of supply.  We are not in drought restrictions yet, but we’re asking customers to use water wisely to avoid water shortage.


In the UK, water companies supply millions of litres a day but must be careful to balance society’s needs while ensuring there is enough for the environment. Business accounts for 25% of water use in the UK. That’s why we aim to incentivise and encourage businesses to use water efficiently.


There are lots of simple ways to do so; here we shared some of our favourite tips for business customers. Click here to download a “First Business Water’s guide to water efficiency in your workplace.”

If you have any further questions or would like any further impartial advice regarding your water and wastewater supplier, feel free to contact us or visit our website to find out more.

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About First Business Water

First Business Water is a licensed water supplier, providing water and wastewater services to Businesses in England. With our commitment to offering exceptional levels of customer service, we offer a focused and proactive approach in managing our customers water usage and costs.

With sustainability at the core of our company values, we firmly believe that our everyday habits can positively impact the world around us. We not only want to supply water, but also empower communities to use water efficiently.