Role Description – Business Support Volunteer (Front line) 

West London Business – Coronavirus Advice Helpline


To communicate with businesses in the north-west London area, to ensure information is provided to assist businesses to both understand and be able to access, support from government in connection with COVID-19 financing arrangements – and other concerns they may have arising from business disruption due to the pandemic.

Specific Tasks

1. Working from a contact list, the Business Support Volunteer (BSV) will be required to call designated businesses in the north-west London area.

2. The purpose of this call is to establish whether the business Director / owner has:
a) obtained all the necessary information required and
b) may be receiving appropriate support from their accountant or financial advisor.

3. Where the business is receiving adequate advice, then no further action is required beyond offering portal details and making notes of the conversation.

4. Where specific information is required relating to a business related topic, the BSV will check the West London Business (WLB) coronavirus advice website for availability of information on the topic and discuss this with the contact.

5. Where complex information is required relating to a business topic, the BSV will refer the request for information to the in-house specialist researcher.

6. In the case of both points 4 and 5, the BSV will confirm detailed contact information.

7. Where the business appears uncontactable by telephone, the spreadsheet will be marked for a standard email to be sent from WLB.

8. The BSV will be asked to receive in-coming calls at agreed times, in order to answer incoming enquiries to the WLB Advice Helpline. The range of queries is likely to be as in points 4 and 5.

9. The BSV will make full notes on the spreadsheet provided and will mark legal columns as set out by WLB (GDPR) as well as noting information to be sent out by WLB.

10. The Business Support Volunteer will receive training on a range of topics prior to making or receiving calls, including guidance on conducting the outbound calls.

Limits of responsibility

1. The BSV is not required to research / initiate new advice to businesses. Information will be drawn from the WLB researched information on the WLB coronavirus advice website.

2. The BSV is not required to pass out their personal information to businesses.

Specific Requirements

1. The BSV will need a working space in their home, a laptop/desktop computer, familiarity with spreadsheets, to feel reasonably confident with IT, and have an internet connection.

2. Previous experience will include extensive desk-based work with problem-solving responsibilities in that area.

Apply by email to sarah.spateri@westlondon.com including the following background information only (no CVs please):




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