Verlingue webinar: Risk Management & Claims Defensibility Webinar

Risk Management Webinar: How to protect your business against liability claims

11am – 12pm, Wednesday 23rd June 2021

As businesses begin to plan beyond Covid, Verlingue’s Risk Management expert, Simon Cutmore, will be providing a number of useful updates and reminders on a business’s legal health and safety responsibilities. Simon will also be providing advice on how businesses can protect and defend themselves against costly liability claims to help reduce long term insurance spending.

Aims of the webinar

To understand how COVID19 liability (or any other) claims might arise and how you might protect yourself and your business from these.
To outline some of the new physical issues brought about by Covid-19, the impact on the typical workplace and how you can address them.
Risk assessments, working from home and the importance of communication and the audit trail. The spot checks!
Mental health, people’s perceptions and how the pandemic has left us.

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