Upcoming workshops with Brunel Co-Innovate

Coming this autumn is a series of workshops from Brunel Co-Innovate. Take advantage of Brunel University London’s vast knowledge base, network with other SMEs and Grow your business!

Workshop 1 is How to Grow your customers and market your business (Boost Your Customer Presence Through Marketing)

The aim of this workshop is to reinforce marketing as one of the key activities in establishing the business venture and its future growth, also how flexibility in your approach is essential to meet the ever-changing demands of your clients.

Attendees will walk away with 3 action points that relates to individual marketing activities and/or strategy together with top tips/tools and apps to make attendees more effective in promoting the business.

Workshop 2 is How to save money on the costs for your business (Be confident in your business finances)

Designed for London based Businesses, this workshop is suitbable for managers and leaders of SMEs. This workshop is designed to cover most aspects of your business finance. The objectives of the workshop are to help you:

A – Develop a greater understanding about financial matters

B – Build confidence in cashflow forecasting, making a profit and managing your money

For more information or to book a place at either workshop, click below: