Social mobility & inclusion

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The working group aims to promote the role of West London’s Universities in generating economic growth, social inclusion and mobility and improving people’s lives through education. The group is focussing on:

  • A right to retrain
  • Approaches to use of unspent Apprenticeship levy to grow opportunity
  • Learning in flexible ways and places that suit the learner
  • Enhancing employability and job prospects
  • Tackling in-work progression and poverty
  • Providing access to professional careers for disadvantaged and under-represented groups.

The group aims to establish a number of flagship initiatives jointly with third parties to enhance inclusion and social mobility through education and public engagement with research, including applications to public funding sources where appropriate. All of our activities will be designed to emphasise Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Widening Participation. We aim to ensure our projects are sustainable, promoting new ventures and activities that contribute to the fabric of the West London economy and create long term value.

The group will share best practice and promote behaviours such as exploring the opportunity for and advantages of local recruitment and enhanced local procurement from universities, to provide opportunities for local businesses and start-ups.

If you can contribute to the Group's work please e-mail Matt Snowden (chair), Maggie Dallman and Darryll Bravenboer (vice-chairs).