Growth & Innovation Working Group

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The working group aims to promote the role of Universities within the West London innovation ecosystem and their role in generating economic growth and improving lives through innovation.

A critical aim of the group is to act as a catalyst bringing together existing businesses, start- ups, local authorities, charities and innovation specialists to generate economic growth and employment for the people of West London. This includes improving the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of existing businesses, driving energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and innovation.

The group aims to provide advice, information and support to businesses enabling them to access facilities and funding and to encourage collaboration in sectors critical to the future growth of West London. The group will pursue a number of collaborative projects to progress innovation in specific fields, including applications to public funding sources. The chosen projects will be designed for sustainability, promoting new ventures that contribute to the fabric of the West London economy and create long term value.

The group will actively seek to pool our knowledge and resources to bolster the offering of Universities to local business, identifying gaps, whilst enhancing awareness in businesses of existing collaboration schemes on research, innovation and knowledge exchange such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

The group’s ambition includes the development of a West London-scale test-bed for innovative products and services.

If you can contribute to the Groups work please e-mail Simon Hepworth (Chair) and Geoff Rodgers (Vice-chair).