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The working group aims to promote the role of West London’s Universities in generating economic growth, social inclusion and mobility and improving people’s lives through education. More broadly the group will support communications about the importance of the strengths of West London, its importance to the re-building of the UK economy and the role of universities in supporting this agenda.

The group is focussing on:

  • Showcasing universities’ current activities and potential to generate economic growth and improve lives in West London – in particular through re-skilling and upskilling, including support for SMEs, pathways to education (FE, HE) and apprenticeships.
  • Mapping the locations of the West London Universities and their current and potential activities onto the West London plan which has focus areas for each borough.
  • Communicating to different audiences (including large companies, SMEs, start-ups, borough councils, charities, the public) about the activities and projects being developed by this initiative.
  • Sharing best practice across universities in working with local communities (e.g. relationships with local residents, businesses and charities, local governments etc).
  • Discussing Civic University initiatives and communicating this collaborative local response to the emergence of civic agreements

The group aims to achieve greater understanding within its key audiences in the areas local to universities and across West London (i.e. local residents, councils, NHS trusts, businesses) of the benefits of universities and colleges to their local area. As a result of communications public access to skills will be boosted through a better understanding of the strengths and pathway of opportunities available through the West London universities and colleges.

If you would like to find out more about this group’s work please e-mail Angela Martyn (Chair) and Andrew Kershaw (Vice-chair).