Two potential new London Overground stations in the Old Oak area

Transport for London (Tfl) recently consulted on two potential new London Overground stations in the Old Oak area. The consultation was open between 16 October and 22 November 2017.

TfL report that 911 people responded to the consultation, with 94 per cent supporting the proposal for two potential new stations at Hythe Road and Old Oak Common and many suggesting these would help deliver regeneration, promote inward investment and create new jobs in the local area.

Where people responded to the questions about individual stations, 86 per cent supported the potential new station at Hythe Road, with 92 per cent supporting the potential new station at Old Oak Common Lane. Some respondents expressed concerns that the proposed distance of the interchange with the Elizabeth line and HS2 and the new stations was too long, and that the new stations could cause disruption to local residents. Both of these concerns would be considered as design plans to be developed.

The provision of a dedicated pedestrian bridge providing a link between Old Oak Common Lane station and Victoria road was strongly supported by 88 per cent of the respondents.

TfL are now going to analyse the comments and produce our response to the issues raised. TfL will produce a further report in spring 2018 with their comments and an update on the project.

For more information and to read TfL’s consultation report please go to:

If you have any comments on the report or the consultation, please contact Gary Murphy, TfL at