Transform the North Acton Pavillion with ARTification

ARTification has launched a campaign to develop the Community Eco-Arts Hub in North Acton Playing Fields, just South of Park Royal and the Westway. All West London and Park Royal businesses committed to a thriving neighbourhood are invited to support this venture.

Business support can help make your nearest green space and eco-arts hub thrive. Whether you are a food business, creative company, or just want to give something back to a local Charity, ARTification would love to work with you to develop this beautiful community asset, whilst promoting your business.

ARTification connects people and place by curating a vibrant arts culture and transforming natural spaces. Since 2003 they have been delivering pioneering creative arts & community development programmes with local people, from their bases in North Acton Pavilion and W3 Gallery.

“ARTification has been instrumental in coordinating and delivering the creative, arts and community input in major regeneration areas over decades. The charity animates and celebrates through the arts, enlivening areas across the generations utilising arts and enterprise, communities, creative industries and culture.”
Carol Sam, Ealing Economic Development Team

ARTification is crowdfunding to transform the North Acton Pavilion into a vibrant centre for gardening, cooking and creative workshops. Many found taster activities a lifeline during the pandemic and the plan is to build on this. Local residents will have the opportunity to grow healthy food and gain the skills to create affordable meals in a supportive environment.

Who is the Eco-Arts Hub for?
For people who live, work & visit the area. Local people of all ages as well as neighbours from the surrounding area are welcome. Activities at the Arts Hub will particularly engage local people who are marginalised or disadvantaged including people living in poverty and affected by displacement.

When will the project launch?
The aim is to raise £22,000 through Spacehive by Friday September 3 2021. ARTification is half way there, but time is running short! They hope to raise the funds to renovate the space and launch activities during Winter 2021.

Your support can fund:
• £3000 – Two raised beds to cultivate herbs and vegetables for community dinners and workshops
• £2000 – Cooking equipment for classes of 30
• £1500 – Garden furniture for the communal garden
• £500 – Gardening equipment for weekly growing sessions or sponsor a community workshop

To say thank you for your generous pledge ARTification will:
• Feature your logo on our website
• Showcase your support in our newsletter and blog
• Create a plaque with your logo in our cafe space
• Invite your team for a gardening day

These are just a few ideas – ARTification would welcome the opportunity to find out what works best for you and your team.

Why support the North Acton Pavilion?
“I work in the primary school and run the afterschool club and holiday scheme. I am very concerned with current conditions for some of our children who are hungry.“ ARTification 2020 Project, Teacher

1 in 3 children in Ealing are growing up in poverty whilst rapid changes in North Acton have left some residents feeling vulnerable and isolated. The Art Hub will tackle these issues through:

Space: The Pavilion is in the only green space in the area. The project will improve the inside and outside space, creating a beautiful venue for all residents to enjoy and take pride in whilst enhancing the natural habitats of local wildlife.

Learning: Through a programme of events, skills will be shared in arts & crafts, gardening and cooking, alongside a variety of workshops to support healthy living and provide opportunities for confidence building.

Connection: Activities will be open to all residents, encouraging socialising between neighbours and promoting wellbeing. Residents will have the chance to try new activities, form their own groups and share their skills.

With your support ARTification can create a vibrant community cultural hub to be enjoyed by all!

Ealing Council have kindly backed the project, bringing closer the ultimate aim of transforming the space. ARTification would welcome support from West London & Park Royal Businesses to help reach the target.

Be part of this exciting project by pledging today at Spacehive or get in touch to learn more:

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