TPR undertakes AE spot checks on Manchester employers

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has carried out spot checks in Greater Manchester to ensure employers are complying with their automatic enrolment (AE) responsibilities.

If you are a business owner in the UK you had better brace yourself, The Pensions Regulator is starting to do the rounds. They have already conducted short-notice inspections in London and Manchester, and visits will begin in other towns and cities across the UK over next few weeks.

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The move is part of a nationwide enforcement campaign that began in London in February and will be rolled out to major cities across the country in a bid to ensure employers are meeting their AE duties correctly.

Greater Manchester became the second area to be the focus of the short-notice inspections last week as inspection teams visited 26 businesses in and around the city to check qualifying staff were being given the workplace pension they are entitled to.

TPR said the vast majority were fully compliant although data from some businesses was still being reviewed. The regulator added the checks would help it to understand whether employers are facing any unnecessary challenges that it can help with, such as improving its guidance.