The Skills Toolkit Campaign / An Hour to Skill

Free courses to help you learn new skills or change jobs. Including general skills that apply to all sectors and more specialised skills.

Practical maths:

2 courses to help with fractions, decimals and other maths skills for work and everyday life.

Computer essentials:

6 courses to help you use a computer, the internet and office programs like spreadsheets and word processors

Personal growth and wellbeing:

7 courses to help with decision making, your mindset and dealing with stress and resilience.

Professional development:

16 courses to help with interpersonal skills, your professional online presence, leadership and collaboration

Business and finance:

9 courses including, project and business management, bookkeeping and sales.

Digital design and marketing:

10 courses including user experience design, graphic design, app design and social media.

Computer science:

19 courses including cybersecurity, computer networks, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.


10 courses including HTML, CSS, Python, C, C++

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