TFL produces a Personal Deliveries Toolkit

Did you know that up to 65 per cent of deliveries to businesses are personal items during the festive period?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching and traditionally there is a considerable increase in online shopping during this period. If your staff generally receive personal deliveries to your offices, you will experience a sharp increase in deliveries in the days and weeks following 29th November, which could lead to likely increased costs within your business with additional staffing resource required to receive and distribute the personal deliveries. To enable businesses to be more efficient this year, TfL has produced a Personal Deliveries Toolkit. The toolkit includes guidance for managing and reducing the number of parcels being received.

The Personal Deliveries toolkit provides:

  • Internal Communication tools –  These tools provide business guidance on communicating alternative ways for staff to receive their personal deliveries, such as Click and Collect facilities close to home.
  • Festive guidance –The run up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for receiving parcels as people prepare for the festive celebrations. The festive guidance offers advice on how to encourage behaviour change and reduce the impact on businesses.


Using the toolkit can improve efficiency in the workplace, reduce congestion and improve air quality in the local area.   Reducing the number of deliveries in your area will have a positive impact on roads and congestion in and around West London, offering a cleaner and safer environment.

If you launch a Personal Deliveries reduction plan that has a positive impact on your business efficiency or freight footprint please email as we are looking for best practice case studies.

Download TfL Personal Deliveries toolkit