Strategic Risk Management for SMEs

Join ERM Plus to discover how to grow business and increase profitability in an environment fraught with risks and uncertainties.

The global business landscape is changing dramatically. Technology disruption is at its height. Cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated. Geo political instability is rising. Severe weather events like flooding, droughts and storms are becoming more frequent. And consumer preferences is changing at an alarming pace.

These events pose a significant threat to all businesses but more to SMEs as they have a limited product range, concentrated supplier and customer base, and lack the financial prowess compared to big corporations.

Studies show that up to 70% of all SMEs fail within the first10 years. The main reason behind this is: a lack of strategic risk management .

In this webinar, Laxman will cover the key strategic risks facing SMEs and how to manage them.


• Understand why SMEs must manage strategic risks to survive and thrive in the long term

• Discuss the evolving risk landscape and business implications

• Look at risk management process and strategy

• Discuss how to use strategic risk intelligence to make better business decisions

Presenter: Laxman Maharjan

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