Stay Safe This Christmas with Hammersmith BID and the Metropolitan Police

Stay Safe This Christmas with Hammersmith BID and the Metropolitan Police

Hammersmith Business Improvement District (BID) has partnered with the Metropolitan Police on the Stay Safe This Christmas crime prevention campaign. This delivers essential advice to workers, visitors and the business community to ensure that the area enjoys a safer festive period.

Hammersmith town centre will continue to benefit from an enhanced level of security thanks to two BID-funded police officers, who work closely with the BID CCTV operator and numerous shops, pubs and offices with the SafetyNet radio scheme.

Security upgrades for 2019 included BID-funded body-worn cameras for the Broadway Centre security team, as well as connecting the shopping centre’s comprehensive CCTV network directly to the Metropolitan Police. Hammersmith BID and the Metropolitan Police are also offering guidance as part of the Stay Safe This Christmas campaign, with advice across the following areas:


Celebrate Safely This Christmas

Over the festive season, Hammersmith pubs and restaurants are full of Christmas parties and celebrations. Discover key information to ensure you stay safe.

Christmas Shopping & Personal Property

As this is the busiest time of the year for shopping and socialising, opportunistic thieves may be around to take advantage of the crowds. Find a few simple measures to prevent theft and look after your belongings.

Ask for Angela

If at any point over the festive period you are in a Hammersmith licensed premises and feel vulnerable, whether that be through unwanted attention or feeling unsafe on a date, you can discreetly request assistance by approaching any staff member and ‘Ask for Angela’. 

Preventing Online Fraud

With internet sales skyrocketing over the festive period, so do the risks of online scams. To avoid becoming the victim of shopping or auction fraud as well as any other cyber-crime, read this advice.

Personal Safety

Whilst at work or out and about, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make a quick risk assessment on what action to take to avoid potential danger. Find out more about protecting yourself.

Community Reassurance

Due to the success of last year’s Christmas campaign, Hammersmith businesses, staff and visitors to the area are set to benefit from enhanced levels of security over the festive period. Find out more about what Hammersmith BID and the Metropolitan Police are doing to improve safety in the area.

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