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Employees everywhere are currently adjusting to completely new ways of working whether furloughed, working from home or still going into the workplace, with different concerns around their health and well-being, performance expectations, financial security, job security etc.

In this climate the risk of higher anxiety and increased sickness absence, lower productivity levels, increasing staff turnover – and the increase in associated costs – is particularly high, but can be reduced when managed carefully.

In response to these new challenges Winningtemp – the A.I. powered engagement and performance management platform – is providing a special extended free offer to businesses that wish to minimise the impact of this crisis on their operations.

To aid leaders and managers that wish to minimise the impact of this crisis on their operations Winningtemp is offering free access to their management tool to a limited number of businesses.

Winningtemp is a global A.I. powered leadership platform that helps managers reduce staff turnover by 33%, reduce sickness absence by 26% and create cohesive, engaged, high performing teams.

With 100,000 users in 44 countries, their unique science-backed platform provides automated appraisals, pulse surveys and goal setting tools that measure the temperature of your teams, providing you with real-time data and insights that help you increase your team’s engagement and performance.

In addition, those who sign up for a free trial will also get our special COVID-19 Engagement Survey Template.

If you are interested in creating more highly engaged and high performing teams in this time and minimising the impact of this crisis on your operations please contact Winningtemp Business Development Director Gary Brown at gary.brown@winningtemp.com or on 07534 215771.

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