SME Innovation Collaboration : A path to a carbon free world

About this Event:

Collaboration: an overused buzz word or the key to a revolution in today’s rapidly evolving world of power systems? What does collaboration really look like when it comes to innovating in this sector? And how can SMEs with nascent ideas make an impact through allying with established companies?

CIGRE UK in conjunction with the GLA-led Better Futures programme is hosting two sessions to bring together SMEs and established players in the UK Energy Supply industry. Each session provides an opportunity to examine what collaboration really looks like when it comes to innovation in the UK Energy Supply industry. They hope to identify the biggest challenges and begin to champion innovation within the SME community as a crucial part of the Energy Transition.

This first event sees two innovative young companies – Hydrologiq and Powervault in discussion with a panel of representatives from Siemens, EPEX, Reactive Technologies and Elimpus. Registration for the second event which takes place on the 20th January 2021 will see the same panel in discussion with Oak Network and Solveteq. To register for this second event please click here.

Date And Time
Wed, 16 December 2020

15:00 – 16:00 GMT

15:00 – 15:05: Introduction, Dr Biljana Stojkovska

15:05 – 15:21: SME and Panel introduction: Martin Ansell (Moderator)

15:21 – 15:26: Hydrologiq – outline of Topic (Regulation) & Questions (How an SME and Corporate can work together to enable the right policies to drive innovation adoption to meet Net Zero)

15:26 – 15:36: Panel discussion

15:36 – 15:51: Powervault – outline of Topic (Working together in changing environment) & Question (How an SME can work with a Corporate to leverage change)

15:41 – 15:51: Panel discussion

15:51 – 16:00: Summary and closing remarks

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