Smart Currency: Quarterly Forecast – July

COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the UK and we nearly have our old lives back again – but is everything truly back to ‘normal’?

Rising inflation, the precarious nature of the pandemic, the economy, Brexit tensions and more cast an extremely uncertain shadow over the currency markets.

Nevertheless, the major banks have attempted to foresee the pound’s movements for the coming months – but as the disparity between forecasts demonstrates, currency movements are still impossible to accurately predict.

It’s for this reason that WLB Member Smart Currency invite you to read this quarter’s currency forecasts – with a strong suggestion that you do not base any business decisions on them

In this report you will find:

GBP/EUR predictions show a range of 15%, but is the mood bullish or bearish?

Focus on the Bank of England, European Central Bank and Federal Reserve – will they take action to combat rising inflation?

How will Brexit and the German elections impact currencies?

Key charts and insights from our currency analysts.

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