Smart Currency Business Quarterly Forecast (Jul-Sept 2020) now available

The latest Quarterly Forecast from WLB member Smart Currency Business is now available for download and provides facinating forecasts, covering the next 1, 3, 6 and 12 months ahead.

Your forecast includes all the usual easy-to-read analysis, highlighting upcoming political and economic events that will impact your currency transactions and your profits. But this quarter Smart Currency Business have added a whole new layer of analysis and opinion, written by their Senior Risk Management Analyst. See if you agree with him!

Also included are insightful snapshots of the South African Rand, Brazilian Real and Turkish Lira. The lowest estimates for GBP/EUR are below anything seen in the past decade. 

Analysis from Smart Currency Business covers global economic recovery, the future relationship between the UK and EU, the US economy and the presidential election – what would a Biden presidency mean? 

Read these extreme predictions for yourself. Download your copy of the latest currency forecast here.

To protect your business from unforeseeable currency fluctuations, get in touch with Smart Currency Business on 020 8003 4861.