Smart Currency Business Quarterly Forecast: Jan – Mar 2020

The latest Quarterly Forecast from WLB member Smart Currency Business is an easy to read, informative piece that is more relevant than ever in this current climate, so it could be of great value to your clients and network.

Some key areas for businesses to think about:
• If you’re budgeted at a specific level and the markets do not move in your favour, your business could be significantly affected
• As we enter the Brexit transition period in 2020, there’s bound to be many more twists and turns ahead for the UK and the pound
• Vulnerable to US-China trade tensions and the threat of a no-deal Brexit, the Eurozone economy continues to suffer
• The US has said that it would take additional action “as necessary” in the Middle East to protect its personnel and interests

Did you know that according to the report for GBP/EUR, they range from 1.11 to 1.28 over the next 12 months!

This report reinforces that predictions can be unreliable and, therefore, it’s always best to take a risk management approach to currency. To read more about this and to find out about key events coming up for the pound, euro and dollar, download the forecast now.