Restart and Recovery with Transport for London

As the Government lockdown restrictions are eased further on Monday 12 April, Transport for London (TfL) are working to help local communities and businesses take the next steps to recovery. To assist employers help staff get back on public transport as Government lockdown restrictions are eased over the coming months, TfL has developed some business guidance notes. These form part of TfL’s continuing communications about safety, cleanliness and reliability of public transport and the availability of walking and cycling facilities.

Keeping you safe on London’s transport network” explains that, as has been the case since July 2020, TfL are running a near full public transport service and describes our rigorous cleaning regime and how the network remains well ventilated.

Support your team by encouraging them to travel at quieter times” provides a guide on the quieter times to travel so that demand can be spread across the day to help enable social distancing and advice on walking and cycling options
TfL will provide further guidance notes setting out their flexible fares and ticketing and more on active travel facilities in the next few weeks.