Recycle More and Spend Less – A new Recycling Business Initiative from Ealing Council

Ealing council is committed to improving the street environment within the borough for everyone who resides, works and visits our borough.

A new recycling service has been introduced for businesses looking for a simple and cheap way to recycle more as a business and benefit the environment.

Mixed Recycling is all the dry, clean things your business throws away including paper, metal cans, cardboard and plastic – that’s around 90 % of rubbish for most businesses. Mixed recycling is cheaper than disposing your rubbish with general waste and better for the environment too!

Once collected, all products from your dry mixed recycling are taken to a separating facility where products are either turned into what they were before or re-purposed into something different.

Why should you recycle?
Recycling has an extremely positive impact on the environment as it reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the need for raw materials. Disposing of landfill waste is far worse for the environment and is more expensive than recycling.