PwC Good Growth for Cities Report 2022 – Focus on West London

For the last decade, the annual Good Growth for Cities Index from PwC has measured the performance of cities and regions across the UK. It looks beyond economic indicators, and focuses on additional measures of wellbeing, such as access to jobs, income, health, skills and work-life balance.

As in previous years, PwC asked the public to provide their views on the measures they think matter most. This year, there is a marked shift in public preferences and in recognition of this, PwC have refreshed their research approach. With the new Index, PwC are able to present a clear picture of what matters to the public now – and look at how central government, local government, the private sector and wider local public services can better respond to public priorities.

As part of the 2022 report, PwC have looked at the region of West London as if it were a city. Within the West London Snapshot, it is identified that the sub-region would rank 43rd as a UK city in the index, where it sees particularly strong performances in a number of measures such as income, but also poor performances in others.

Other observations from the data assert how central government, local leaders and businesses can act in response to inequalities, to drive levelling up and green
growth, including:

  • Local leaders must respond to the public’s concerns at a targeted, hyper-local level.
  • Businesses must commit to career development for local communities.
  • Central government must seek ways to alleviate the housing crisis.
  • Businesses must craft a coherent and actionable strategy to deliver sustainable green growth.
Read the West London report and the wider Good Growth for Cities 2022 report now