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Our Net Zero 2030 Ambitions provide us with the opportunity to learn from yesterday, to make a difference today for a chance of a better tomorrow. Take control over your energy consumption to save money while saving the planet. OAK helps you do this by providing your business with:

– Real Time monitoring
– Monthly efficiency recommendations
– Live Alerts & Notifications
– 90%+ Predictive capabilities
– Multi Site management
– Data backed ROI for equipment upgrades


8.6bn worth of energy is wasted by SMEs every year in the UK


OAK will guide you toward Net Zero through:
– Learning & Profile Building
– Operational Optimisations
– Behaviour Improvement suggestions
– Target setting & tracking
– NET ZERO strategy


Their one time offer to WLB businesses:

3 Months Free


One Year membership from £1,500

(total of 15 months)



Your 24/7 energy concierge
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