Preparing for a No-Deal Brexit- Government Funds Training Courses in Custom Procedures






In preparation for the potential No-Deal Brexit, the government has made £2 million worth of new grant funding towards training that helps UK businesses to complete customs declarations correctly. The Institute for Government have stated that there are 180,000 businesses trading goods between the UK and EU. These companies would be affected by the No-Deal Brexit, as they will now have to complete customs declarations, which is something that they never had to do before.

In order to support these businesses, the IOE&IT is providing a wide range of training courses that will help them with the procedures involved in international trade, enabling them to export and import successfully and compliantly, whatever March 29th brings. Companies will be able to apply for this funding via the Institute of Export & International Trade, who is providing the program in partnership with EEF. The government funding will be available until 5 April 2019, unless the funding is used up entirely before that date.

The training courses that the funding can be applied for are as follows:

• Customs Procedures and Documentation
• Customs Classification and Tariff Codes
• Understanding Rules of Origin, Free Trade Agreement and Export Preference
• Introduction to Exporting
• Introduction to Importing
• Advanced Exporting
• Advanced Importing
• Post-Brexit Planning Workshop
• Post-Brexit Documentation and Compliance

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