The Park Royal Business Group (PRBG) are pleased to announce their new employee reward card, which will go live on next month. All Park Royal businesses can make the reward card key fobs available to their staff; and all businesses with consumer services can provide offers as part of the scheme.

Offers will include all kinds of discounts and special offers to individuals working in Park Royal, such as 10% off their next meal, drinks, haircut, MOT, storage facilities and other general products and services. These offers and many others like them are part and parcel of the new Park Royal Reward Card. Taking part in the scheme will both raise awareness of your business and give tangible benefits to your staff and the wider employee community of Park Royal. With approximately 1,800 businesses and 40,000 employers on the Park Royal Industrial Estate, the benefits of this new scheme are huge.

It is very important for businesses and employees to feel part of a community as this will help our efforts to create a safer, greener and friendlier Park Royal. The reward card will unite everyone with more £££s spent locally and more shared advantage in being based in Park Royal.

Making offers available through the scheme will raise awareness of your business and attract new customers. By the time we launch we will have at least twenty trailblazing offers from local businesses in place with interest growing at a pace/ apace. A list of the latest participating companies and their offers will be maintained on This will be regularly updated, with cardholders able to access up-to-date information about new offers and promotions whenever they want. Every month we will highlight on a special ‘Park Royal Reward’ which will be selected for its exceptional value or unique nature.

By using your own Park Royal Reward Card you will be supporting our local economy and you will discover more of what Park Royal has to offer. As a cardholder you will simply need to show your card at the time of purchase to benefit from an offer.

Companies confirmed to participate include: McDonalds, Auto Quick Fix, MD Hair Salon, Patchi Restaurant, Little Cake Café, Cadogan Tate, The Japan Centre, The Dry Cleaning Company, Hampton by Hilton, Dina Foods, Kindervine Nursery, The Collective, Oceanic Jewellers, Alexanders Removals, Xpress Solutions Printing and Stationery and West London College.

If you would like to provide a special offer to staff working in business on Park Royal e-mail To register to receive your Park Royal Rewards Key Fob and stay up-to-date on future offers register on