People Matter January 2020

The government may have been tied up with Brexit for several years. But that’s not stopped them effecting significant changes

to employment law which are planned to be introduced this April.

Make sure you’re aware of the changes


A right royal resignation

“We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal family…”

The words from Harry and Meghan that reverberated around the nation,

and indeed the world.

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Gender reassignment in the workplace

Gender reassignment is protected under equality law.

If an employee approached you with the subject,

would you know what to do?

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Employee surveillance

Covertly filming employees is not normally on.

But as a recent case from the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights shows,

sometimes it can be a proportionate and legal path to take.

Make sure you are aware of the guidelines 


The 4pm slump

“Yaaaaaawn!” You hear across the office.

 As certainly as night follows day, it tells you that it’s 4pm

and at least one of your team is lagging.

How can you avoid the 4pm slump?


Fitness extremes

Many people want to get fit in January

but is making it mandatory for employees

a step too far?

Read about one countries approach to fitness