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Previously thought of by many as a job perk, flexible working arrangements are now helping to keep businesses operational amidst restrictive coronavirus regulations.

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Absence management during COVID
Coronavirus has affected people in different ways and employers are currently facing a rise in both long- and short-term absences as a result.

Find effective ways to manage absences

Finding the time to talk
January has a bit of a reputation for gloominess, but this January will test even the most optimistic of people.

Are you checking in with your team?

When will staff get vaccinated?
Ever since news of a vaccine was announced, questions have been circulating as to how, if, and when people will be vaccinated.

Make sure you are up to date

Motivational moment
Life in lockdown can be sedentary for many people. Leaving the house to exercise is permitted under lockdown rules, but there have been questions and confusion over what is acceptable.

Can you motivate your staff?

Keeping on top of financial support
With news continuing to come in thick and fast it’s easy to miss out on vital updates.

Read up on support schemes in place for businesses

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