Pay it Forward for the future of London businesses

The Mayor is offering 100% free fundraising to help businesses raise vital funds to enable them to continue servicing their communities.  Hundreds of businesses in London have benefited from Pay It Forward London, raising thousands of pounds that have helped them to stay afloat.

It takes moments to sign up and start a fundraising campaign, allowing the public to pledge funds in exchange for future rewards when this is all over – from haircuts in Harrow, to pints in Peckham and curries in Clapham.

Start crowdfunding for your business now

There have been so many great businesses across different sectors in London that have successfully fundraised through the platform, helping them to stay afloat during the coronavirus crisis and continue to pay their staff and keep the lights on:

  • Hackney Empire theatre raised £20,000 in just under 48 hours!
  • The Woodman – a pub in Southgate which has seen an outpouring of support from its local community
  • Yama Momo in Dulwich – a restaurant bringing its staff off furlough and supporting the NHS at the same time
  • Downhills Park Café in Tottenham – a coffee shop supported by their community when their insurers let them down and they did not qualify for government support.
  • The Jazz Cafe in Camden – a music venue that has raised over £120,000 already with the help of over 4,000 supporters.