Park Royal has been plagued by a lack of fast broadband infrastructure. It is a considered a ‘not spot’. The impact is that businesses either have access to cheap and slow ADSL connections or very expensive leased lines.

With most businesses in Park Royal employing less than 10 people this is completely unsatisfactory and is holding back the productivity of the UK’s largest industrial estate. PRBG has been campaigning since 2014 for improvements and by Autumn 2017 we started to witness changes.

The good news is that Park Royal is no-longer a broadband ‘not-spot’ thanks to a new 1000Mbps full fibre network which uses the Hammersmith and Fulham ducting.

Businesses within the Park Royal postcode have had limited options when it comes to internet speeds. Spire Technology have been aware of this and using current Hammersmith and Fulham local council ducting they have completed a 1000Mbps full fibre network across the entire NW10 postcode area.

Spire have already installed many new 1000Mbps leased line circuits throughout the Park Royal Business sector including:

Hammersmith and Fulham Council
Hammersmith Medicines Research
InDesign Studio
FCI London

Feedback from many satisfied customers has been universally positive including comments such as:

Dev Patel of InDesign Showroom located opposite Asda on Park Royal Road which stated that ‘Now our Internet connectivity is much faster and consistently more reliable than our previous service’

Additionally, Kash Javed of Digital Devices located in the Park Royal Metro Centre said that businesses need a fast network and even faster connectivity and since installing the new gigabit service the benefits to his business have been many which were not possible previously due to the lack of options available.

Map – The core network which is running through Park Royal extends to all NW10 postcodes.

Additionally, gigabit circuits have also been installed at Queens Park Rangers FC, the Lyric Theatre and Imperial College.

The new ultra-fast 1000Mbps circuits are enabling businesses to deploy cost saving technology such as VoIP telephone systems and enhance security using IP CCTV systems. Current WiFi services are immediately enhanced and providing greater productivity as faster bandwidth is now available.

Pricing for a 100/100Mbps circuit which provides 100Mbps download and upload capacity starts from just £75 per month and includes the installation too.

If your current contract is close to its anniversary, then for further information please contact: or call on 0203 9084705. Additional information and to register your interest can be found at