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Broadband in Park Royal

Park Royal has been plagued by a lack of fast broadband infrastructure.  It is a considered a ‘not spot’.   The impact is that businesses either have access to cheap and slow ADSL connections or very expensive leased lines.

With most businesses in Park Royal employing less than 10 people this is completely unsatisfactory and is holding back the productivity of the UK’s largest industrial estate.  PRBG has been campaigning since 2014 for improvements and by Autumn 2017 we started to witness changes.

  • Wireless infrastructure has been rolled out by e-Wire and Velocity 1 (both WLB/ PRBG members)
  • Virgin Media Business has a limited presence in some parts of the estate – PRBG has directly lobbied them to improve provision
  • Openreach is rolling out super fast broadband pilot to about 500 businesses in Park Royal as a direct result of PRBG’s campaign, supported by OPDC – this was officially announced at PRBG’s Infrastructure Summit in Sept 2017 – with the area north of the North Acton station announced as the location in September 2018.
  • Hyperoptic are looking to roll-out their services to homes and business in parts of Brent