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If you want your business to support a local cause as your charity of choice, please get in touch with these charities directly.  For further information, contact:

Jason Roberts Foundation | Otis Roberts – 07552 277753 –

The London Mayor’s charity of the year. This charity supports young people to steer away from knife crime.

The Wise Education Project | Theo Martinson – 020 8830 3337 –

Stonebridge Elders People ForumPauline Kelly – 07908121384

Prevent social isolation among over 65’s.

Stonebridge Somali CentreCllr Abdi Aden –

Sufra NW LondonRajesh Makwana, Interim Director- 0203 441 1335

Based on St. Raphael’s Estate in Stonebridge, Brent’s most disadvantaged neighbourhood, our Community Hub provides a life-line for people in crisis – including families living in extreme poverty and people who are vulnerable, homeless and socially isolated

The Sickle Cell Society |

is the only national charity in the UK that supports and represents people affected by a sickle cell disorder to improve their overall quality of life. First set up as a registered charity in Brent in 1979, the Sickle Cell Society is celebrating 40 years of working alongside health care professionals, parents, and people living with sickle cell to raise awareness of the disorder. The Society’s aim is to support those living with sickle cell, empowering them to achieve their full potential

Phoenix RisingPatrick McKay, Project Coordinator –

Phoenix Rising provides the opportunity for youth and the old to engage in self-expression through leaning to play musical instruments and engaging in social integration.  This ultimately helps to promote social cohesion and keeps young people safe in the ward.

Destiny House InternationalJosephine Mackay-

Focuses on one of Brent’s most deprived regions, St. Raphael’s and Stonebridge Estate. They provide music school, a football club, a Community Choir, Homework Club alongside others.

Brent Family Support ProjectAnn Roberts – 020 8965 5480 –

Providing families and people from disadvantaged groups with support and counselling, befriending, hospital visits, prison visits, social evenings.

Plias Resettlement02088386800

support the resettlement and reintegration of offenders back into the community, thereby improving their life chances and future prospects

The Jason Roberts Foundation |

has been working in Brent for over 10 years. The foundation is a registered charity working to support young people to celebrate diversity and promote respect across the UK. The Foundation has worked with hundreds of children and young people from the Brent area. In recent years the work of the Foundation has broadened to provide a more holistic programme of support, including mentoring, life skills, education and training projects within its wider sports activities and has worked with young people at risk of offending, those excluded from school or struggling in the school curriculum, and young people with physical and learning difficulties.