OPDC welcomes £250m funding | Land referencing | Local Plan Examination in Public | Cargiant

OPDC welcomes £250m funding | Land referencing | Local Plan Examination in Public | Cargiant 

In March 2019, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC), was awarded £250m to kick-start development on the West London site. The investment, from the government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) will be used to assemble land, design and build vital roads and utilities infrastructure. This will allow development of homes and businesses to begin at Old Oak North, close to the new transport ‘Superhub’ where the HS2 and the Elizabeth Line will meet. Old Oak North is the first of six new neighbourhoods planned for the 650-hectare site. It is predicted that, when completed, the entire redevelopment of Old Oak and Park Royal will deliver 25,500 new homes and 65,000 new jobs.  Read more >>

As part of a process – that in a worst-case-scenario for some sites might lead to Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) – the ‘Land Referencing’ has begun so OPDC can better understand the local land ownership. This is a critical part of the due diligence for the first phase of development.  OPDC write: “OPDC will seek to enter negotiations with relevant owners/occupiers to agree terms for the acquisition of land and rights that will facilitate the delivery of development plans.  If land and rights cannot be acquired by agreement, OPDC will seek to use its compulsory purchase powers. It is our preference to agree terms for the acquisition of land and rights and we will only use compulsory powers as a last resort.”    Read more, including Frequently Asked Questions >>

In parallel with this the Examination in Public (EiP) of the OPDC Local Plan which started in April at London Councils, Southwark.  PRBG and WLB were there to represent our member’s interests inputting to discussion during the day focused on industrial intensification – creating new space.  The complexities of intensification were rigorously debated including the impact upon traffic and parking, the appropriate plot ratio and there was input from local community groups.

The impact on businesses that were asked to move in 2017 due to the impact of HS2 on Victoria Road were also discussed at the EiP.  Discussion also considered which sites should retain their SIL (Strategic Industrial Land) status, and individual representations were made on behalf of Akabar and the Asia Centre.  The EiP will reconvene for a discussion on the Cargiant Old Oak North site.    Read more >>

Earlier in the year (7 February) Cargiant who are the significant landowner in the Old Oak North part of the OPDC area called in the Evening Standard for the Park Royal regeneration to be paused in wake of “appalling waste and failure”.  In response West London Business CEO Andrew Dakers urged “Old Oak stakeholders must work through issues with urgency“.  Evening Standard Editor and former Chancellor, George Osborne, has also had his say on the matter.