Olwg Joins The Greenhouse Programme

Brentford-based clean energy project screening startup, and WLB Member, Olwg Ltd recently won a space on the prestigious climate action innovation programme The Greenhouse (run by Imperial College) after fending off stiff competition. 22 of originally several hundred applicant companies were shortlisted for a two-day interactive ‘Bootcamp’ which took place in mid-January, then following a final selection process only 15 companies were selected for the Spring cohort of the programme, which started 1st March. The Greenhouse programme will be based at The Royal Institution offices in Mayfair.

The mission of The Greenhouse is simple: to support the growth of young, sustainable, businesses looking to tackle climate change. It aims to grow the pipeline of emerging, viable, impactful businesses that will go on to become commercially successful enterprises that have a positive impact on our climate.

As part of the application process, Olwg was able to highlight some of the current difficulties that decision-makers with limited budgets currently face in screening and choosing the right decarbonisation projects to invest in- and demonstrated some ideas behind a more accessible toolkit for getting to the right answer quickly. Olwg plans to invest the grant funding on developing and testing their planned software product, and one of the most pressing requirements is to hire a data scientist to help find the most efficient ways to find, analyse and store energy model data.

Technical Director and Brentford resident Tony Griffiths said: “We enjoyed the interactive Bootcamp selection experience, and were delighted to be told that we’d got through. After only starting up the company last summer, this is really great validation for us that our initial ideas have some merit – but now the hard work begins as we start to develop our software product and test our ideas further with potential customers”.

Olwg welcomes the opportunity to support West London Business members with screening and analysis of low-carbon energy projects, through access to our prototype modelling tools.

Olwg is a technology-assisted low carbon project screening and decision bureau, offering a fresh alternative to traditional lengthy engineering processes. By re-engineering an approach to energy transition problem-solving to be more effective, quick, visually relatable and accessible, Olwg aims to assist a diverse range of progressive decision makers with their ambitions of engineering a timely clean energy transition.

This is achieved through a combination of tailored development framing, technology assessment, shortcut algorithms and modern analytic techniques – so the right project concepts can be selected early, based on only the most relevant criteria.