Octink launches Print Guardian W2P solution for the construction industry

Octink launches Print Guardian W2P solution for the construction industry

Print Guardian – Octink’s new Web-to-Print solution
Print Guardian allows remote access from tablet device








Brentford, 28th March 2017 – Octink is pleased to announce the launch of Print Guardian, a bespoke Web-To-Print (W2P) solution developed in-house and targeted at the construction industry.

Perfect for companies demanding consistency and fast delivery, Print Guardian allows users to place signage orders online across multiple devices, from smartphone and tablet to laptop or desktop computer.

Mike Freely, MD at Octink, describes Print Guardian as “a swift and effective way to put the customer in control. Orders can be placed 24/7, at any site, whether it is for standard signage or a customised design, providing the wide variety of options that customers expect in the digital age.”

He continues: “More importantly, with its customisable tools and proofing features, Print Guardian is particularly effective at ensuring branding is consistent from design to completion.”

As an interactive sales and marketing tool, Print Guardian will upload standard signage portfolios directly onto the portal, allowing for quick and easy access to place orders from any device, anywhere, at any time. Any portfolios uploaded will be stored, allowing for the build-up of a comprehensive sign library.

Designed to reflect corporate identities, the platform provides a familiar browsing experience whilst also offering businesses the chance to capture valuable user data and study order analytics, with the aim of driving engagement as well as reaching a wider audience and potential new markets.

“We have launched this product for the construction industry, with five sites already up and running,” says Mike. “While Print Guardian is particularly suited to this sector, we have plans to introduce the platform also to other industries that could benefit from its features, such as retail and exhibitions.”