New ways of working – managing an agile workforce with virtual teams

This year has seen businesses change and adapt rapidly to new ways of working. Circumstances beyond our control have forced many to take action to ensure that they can continue to operate outside of the physical workplace.

As the dust settles new agile working practices including hybrid working will be adopted, changing the way that we work forever. Join Moore Kingston Smith and their guest speaker John Eary, an expert in agile and new ways of working. John will draw on his experience to discuss best practice and the technology that is available to help you build your business. He will touch on:

Defining agile working
Benefits and challenges of virtual teams
Recognising differences in employee attitudes to agile working
Management styles for agile working
Using technology as a management tool
Leading and engaging hybrid working virtual teams

In addition, Moore Kingston Smith would like to hear from you. John has prepared a set of questions to help pick up on trends within the audience and drill down into what is important to you. Please take part below to help shape the conversation and give your views.

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