New Business Connector for Brent – David Camm

Local businesses in Brent are receiving a boost following the announcement that, for the first time there, will be a full time Business Connector, David Camm, in the area.   This is an opportunity to help make CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, come to life for your business as David’s role is to create deep and long lasting relationships for businesses with charities, voluntary organisations, the education sector and social enterprises.

In practical terms this means David will be networking extensively with businesses in Brent to identify opportunities for them to work together in a mutually beneficial way with the groups that support our local community.

The Business Connectors programme, backed by HRH the Prince of Wales and Prime Minister Theresa May, is run by the charity Business in the Community. The scheme takes individuals from the business world and places them in communities of greatest need – allowing the Business Connector to use their time, networks and expertise to connect the needs of the local community with local business resources.

Speaking of his new role David said:

“I’m delighted to be the Business Connector for Brent. I believe business has a vital role to play in supporting and working with the voluntary sector and I am very much looking forward to joining with local businesses to make a real difference to the local communities and individual people who live here, whilst tackling some of the social and economic issues in the area.

“This work is valuable to all involved and I am looking forward to working with local businesses and helping the community.”

For further information and a chance to discuss how your CSR ambition can combine with this role contact David on 07391 414951 or