Meet 5 innovative West London start-up businesses

At the West London Business House of Commons Summer Reception on 6 July 2017 we had the pleasure of showcasing 5 amazing start-ups from West London universities that have sustainability, climate change, and social responsibility at the heart of their purpose.

Read on to find out more about these amazing innovators…

Arborea is a biochemical technology company which provides revolutionizing bionic cultivation infrastructures and biotechnology services to build lucrative biochemical production plants. These plants contribute to solve environmental and social issues, such as global warming and resource scarcity. The company’s team made the world’s first bionic panelling system called the “BioSolar Leaf” system. This system helps reduce CO2 pollution and remove air pollutants from all typologies of combustion effluent gases. The panelling system is based on the patented Carbon-Bio-Converter technology (CBC), which harnesses photosynthesizing microorganisms in a complete new way.

With great performance improvements, very low operational costs, unlimited scalability and unlimited versatility, the BioSolar Leaf can finally unlock microalgae’s full potential to solve food and fuel scarcity on a massive scale. It can be applied on land or on roofs of large buildings to provide additional benefits to building owners, such as improved thermal insulation and cooling effects. For more information about the product and the company, visit:


CustoMem is an innovative start-up that focuses on addressing the lack of clean, drinkable water. Since lack of access to clean water is predicted to affect nearly half the world’s population in a decade, CustoMem is taking on the challenge of eliminating micro pollutants from industrial wastewater to provide more drinkable water. Then, CustoMem safely repurposes the captured micro pollutants into high value products that are developed with their world class expertise in wastewater. The product is a simple, cost effective, plug-n-play solution that requires little maintenance. Once the products have been used up, the captured pollutants are responsibly recycled and a new unit is put in place. For more information about CustoMem and their product, visit their website:


LightFi is an exciting start-up company whose mission is to conserve electricity. LightFi’s aim is to make it effortless for consumers to turn off lights in every unused room. This saves the consumer money, time, and energy while also saving the environment. The way it works is a special LightFi switch replaces the customer’s old light switch and LightFi controller is plugged in elsewhere in the room. After this simple installation, the two devices work together and connect with a mobile device in order to detect when it is in the room. Upon entering a room, the technology will automatically turn on the lights and vice-versa for leaving the room. LightFi technology is innovate and rather simple and quick to install. Only one LightFi device needs to be installed to serve a wide range of around one hundred meters, allowing the device to span over the light control of multiple rooms! For more information regarding this start-up company, visit their website at:

Ossatura is an innovative studio specialising in user-centred product design. Their services include user research, prototyping, branding and graphic design. Their first product, an evolvable walking aid, can be assembled several ways for different styles of walking aid and support, depending on the user’s needs. This product has already been recognised by multiple awards, including the Inclusive Technology Prize, and other companies, such as MedTech South East and the Institute of Engineering Designers. Furthermore, research behind the design was awarded at Cambridge University’s CWUAAT and published in the 2016 book ‘Designing Around People’. For more information about the company’s journey or their products, visit:

Polymateria is a new fast moving company which was founded to develop and distribute industry-leading biodegradable plastic products to beat global pollution. Polymateria tackles the issue of non-biodegradable plastic pollution with biodegradable food packaging, household products, biodegradable plastic bags and agricultural films. Their technology is being developed with support from Imperial College London, a leading global research institution, and has already been recognised by certification bodies such as the French national organization for standardization (AFNOR). For more information, visit: