Making London the best city in the world to work

Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to make London the best place in the world to work and a fairer place to live. He is proposing a compact with employers, called the Good Work Standard, which will promote:

  • fair pay and the London Living Wage
  • excellent working conditions
  • diversity in the workplace

The Mayor wants to hear from you

Sadiq is now calling on businesses and other organisations, including trade unions and local authorities, to advise him on exactly what they think should be included in the Good Work Standard.

Your feedback will help City Hall ensure that the employers who sign up are really committing to good employment practices.

How to share your views with City Hall

  1. Read the Call for Evidence document – it details the Mayor’s vision, how it might work, how businesses will be rewarded
  2. Write out your answers to the Mayor’s questions – more information on how to do so is also in the document
  3. Send your written evidence to: by 18 September 2017