London going green: A sustainability guide for businesses

“As part of London’s pledge to meet global climate commitments, the Mayor of London has announced his Green New Deal which includes ambitious targets for the city to become net zero carbon, zero pollution by 2030 and zero waste by 2050. It sets out a strategy to tackle climate and ecological emergencies and improve air quality whilst doubling the size of London’s green economy by 2030 and accelerating job creation for all.”


London going green: A sustainability guide for businesses is a guide which will tell you about London’s journey to going green, sharing the good practices currently being undertaken and the opportunities and benefits for businesses to become more sustainable in areas as diverse as buildings, transport, waste and digital infrastructure.


The Better Futures Programme is one of the schemes taking place to support SMEs in London with their goals of going net zero-  “London’s Better Futures SME Business Incubator Programme provides free expert advice, grants and a support hub for London SMEs. The £4.2m programme helps businesses cut carbon and waste, including looking at ways to incorporate circular economy principles into business practices.”


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